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Weekly Zmanim:

Parshas Noach
October 25, 2014
1 Cheshvon
Daf Yomi: Yevomos 21

Shabbos Zmanim:

Candle Lighting 5:57pm
Mincha/Kabalas Shabbos 6:02pm
Shacharis 7:00 & 9:00am
Sof Zman Krias Shema 10:08am
Mincha 2:00, 5:47 pm
Maariv: 7:02 pm

Weekday Zmanim:

Shacharis: 6:55, 7:30, 8:20am Sunday: 9:00am Mincha: 1:25 pm
Mincha/ Maariv: 5:55 pm
Maariv: 8:00, 9:45, 10:45


Daf Yomi: Sun-Fri 8:15 am
Shabbos: Half an hour before Mincha
Morning Chabura: Mon– Fri 6:30 am
Night Kollel: Sun - Thurs 8:15-9:45 pm
Daf Hashavua: Mon, Tue, Wed 10-10:45 pm